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ELMA’S environmental philosophy: Energy efficiency, photovoltaic installations, eco-friendly solutions.

Technology for the environment

ELMA understands attention for the environment as a constant improvement in the energy efficiency of the products it offers, and as the adoption of eco-compatible conduct in production phases.

The installation of highly efficient motors, the application of frequency regulators, the correct sizing and balancing of plants, the use of low consumption lighting systems (LED or energy saving bulbs), the automatic turning off of lighting in the cabin and fans, the use of LED for lighting button panels, the application of electronic valves (for the OILIFT plant control boards), the switching to standby of a plant when it is not functioning and the possible application of energy regeneration recovery systems are all actions aimed at limiting energy consumption.

Also the reduction of necessary volumes, with elimination of technical rooms for plants in the MONOVANO configuration (without machine room), represents a responsible attitude to protecting the environment.

But ELMA’s attention to the environment is also shown in its behaviour. An important part of the energy requirement of the plant at its Flero (BS) headquarters is satisfied by the production of electricity by a large photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the workshop department.

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