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ELMA: constant assistance

For ELMA guaranteeing that its plants function correctly, safely and for a long time is essential. The staff of the ELMA ASSISTANCE CENTRES is kept up-to-date, with periodic training courses, on the new products offered and on the new technologies used: this also allows carrying out the maintenance service on installations that are not by ELMA.

After the plant has been installed, the ELMA ASSISTANCE CENTRES guarantee an efficient, competent and constant maintenance service.

To maximize the efficiency of the service, the functional parameters of the plant can be monitored constantly and the correct functioning of the PRONTO ELMA tele-connection device can also be checked automatically.

A sophisticated IT device, which will gradually be installed in all ELMA ASSISTANCE CENTRES, also allows the maintenance technicians to connect directly to the central computer, providing information in loco about the specific plant.

To allow the lift to be used normally with maximum freedom and tranquillity, the ELMA ASSISTANCE CENTRES can offer, in addition to the normal 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE, to release people blocked in lift cabins, the SERVICE to reinstate lift service on non-working days.


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