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Replacement and modernisation

In Italy many buildings are without lifts and in those that have them the plants have a particularly high average age and therefore need to be modernised or replaced. 

The ELMA ASSISTANCE CENTRES are responsible for modernising existing plants or replacing them, also offering turnkey packages.

The ELMA ASSISTANCE CENTRES are available to verify the installation feasibility of a new plant or to analyse the work necessary to update old ELMA lifts or other brands to modern safety, functionality, accessibility (also for the disabled) and energy efficiency standards.

If the proposed work includes additional work (masonry, building procedures, work by an electrician, etc.), ELMA is able to make an overall global turnkey offer.

For work to replace, modernise or install new lifts in existing condominium buildings, ELMA can propose payments in instalments (subject to the authorisation of the finance company).


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