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Model ES-MMO
Capacity 4800 ps/h
Slope (α) 0°
Step width (A) 800 mm
Handrail interaxis (B) 1110 mm
External width of handrail (C) 1400 mm
External measurements (D) 1460 mm
Speed 0,5 m/s
Difference in level (H)  mm
Development (L)
Shaft width (FH) 1100 mm
Lunghezza fossa motore (FM) 4000 mm
Lunghezza fossa rinvio (FR) 3000 mm
Balustrade height (BH) 1000 mm
Note Placeholder
  • Maximum length 150 m.
  • Slope angle α from 0° to 6°.
  • Provide holes or hooks for hoisting (F).
  • Protect the shaft from infiltrations of water. Provide a drainage system for any water that might penetrate into the shaft (S).
  • ELMA reserves the right to change without prior notice the data on this data sheet.
Review 03/20

The free vertical distance between the line that joins the edge of the moving steps / segments and any obstacles located above the escalator / moving walkway must not be less than 2.30 m.

On the entrance to and exit from every plant, there must be an area large enough for passengers to stand. This space must be at least 2.50 m deep and as wide as the distance between the handrail (B). If an area double the width of measurement B is available, its depth can be reduced to 2.00 m.

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