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There is a wide possibility of personalising the lift by choosing from a wide range of accessories available, ranging from the different control panels to the handrails or by installing an interactive display unit in the car.

Control panels

  1. Stainless steel control panels
    1. LINEAR plates: also available without exposed fixing screws
  2. Brass control panel
    1. LINEAR plates: also available without exposed fixing screws
    2. CLASSIC plates with SMOOTH edges: also available without exposed fixing screws
    3. CLASSIC plates with KNURLED edge
  3. Glass control panels
    1. Push button pads in rear-coloured white glass, also available in the colour of choice
  4. Wooden control panels
    1. CLASSIC shape control panel plates with rounded edge
  5. Cabin command uprights available in the different combinations of height (half or whole) and materials (INOXSKIN, satin finish stainless steel, polished stainless steel, brass-coloured steel, rear-coloured white glass or personalized in the colour of choice)

  6. Horizontal cabin controls band in stainless steel
  7. Pushbuttons
    1. 30 mm / E-TONDO
    2. 50 mm / E-QUADRO MAXI (EN 81-70)


  1. Model LL1 (central push button) with suspended ceiling (white or steel)
  2. Model LL2 (rectangular perimeter push buttons) with suspended ceiling (white or steel)
  3. Model LL3 (lateral square push buttons) with suspended ceiling (white or steel)
  4. FLAT translucent slab
  5. Full-height CORNER diffuser
  6. Spotlights with ring nut, circular or square, brass-coloured or polished chrome
  7. Band of LED
    1. upper
    2. lower


  1. Aluminium
  2. Satin finish stainless steel
  3. Polished chrome steel
  4. Brass-coloured steel


  1. Half wall
  2. Modular
  3. Full wall
  4. Double vertical

Multimedia systems

VIDEOLIFT is an interactive unit fitted inside the ELMA, used for displaying lift and user information on a colour screen inside the car. Customizable audio-visual content, activated when the doors open. Internet information can also be displayed in an appropriate sliding string format. In the TOP model, the video display includes a touch screen function, with virtual pushbuttons and a description of the floors served.

Screen to show images and films in the cabin, protected by anti-reflection glass, installed on a cabin wall in a special window (with profiles matching the finishes).

Display of the multi-code 10” graphic type integrated in the door upright cabin controls which can be divided into two sections: one for the display of the reports on the functioning of the lift and one for customizable audio-visual content.


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