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PRACTICO goods platform lifts

Goods platform lifts, within the scope of the European Machines Director, with operator on board.

PRACTICO is the ELMA goods platform lift, which, within the scope of the European Machinery Directive, allows the operator to remain in the car when it is moving, operating it using the push-button panel.

PRACTICO: the versatile goods platform lift without car doors, with operator on board.

There are no particular constraints in terms of dimensions and shafts and the minimum capacity value of 200 kg/m2 means that systems with a not excessively high capacity can be proposed in the case of cars with large dimensions. On the floors either the very practical and reliable double folding doors (including motorised ones) or the traditional single or double swing doors can be combined. A further feature that characterises these goods platform lifts is that little space is required at the head and in the shaft.

Due to its versatility, PRACTICO is suitable for many applications ranging from goods platform lifts for production/commercial activities to car lifts. The PRACTICO goods platform lift is available with a metal lift shaft.

In the Technical Data Sheets section, you can download the drawings with the overall dimensions of the standard PRACTICO goods platform lifts with capacities of 500 kg - 1000 kg - 1500 kg, with swing or folding doors.


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