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Plants for classified areas


The capacity to correctly integrate lift machinery with specific electric components derives not only from the project design capacity of ELMA, but also from its experience.

Plants with waterproof or anti-explosion equipment designed in compliance with international standard.

The pride of the ELMA production line are plants, developed by HTP Special Plant Division, with waterproof or anti-explosion equipment which, designed in compliance with international standards (European classification: zone 1, zone 2, Gas/Dust, Directive 94/9/CE, ATEX – American classification: NAMA, NEC), ELMA has installed in various Italian and foreign chemical and petrochemical plants (China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Brazil, Croatia, Turkey, Russia, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Oman, Switzerland).

Due to the peculiarities of the environments in which they are installed, such plants undergo particularly severe and rigorous controls before being put into service.


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