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Goods platform lifts for goods only

Goods platform lifts, within the scope of the European Machinery Directive, for carrying goods only

Goods platform lifts for carrying goods only, produced within the scope of the European Machinery Directive, have, compared with goods and passenger lifts complying with the European Lifts Directive, the advantage of having fewer construction constraints (less free space at the head and in the shaft), of having a less penalising minimum capacity equal to 200 kg/m2 and of making better use of the available lift shaft space, since the plant is fitted only with floor landing doors (and not also with car doors).

All of this makes it possible to offer very different plants, from goods platform lifts for reaching the workshop platform to large-scale goods platform lifts for carrying fork lift trucks. Except for the PRACTICO goods platform lift and the AUXILIA lift (described in other site sheets), for which the operator can remain on board while they are moving, in goods platform lifts complying with the European Machinery Directive, passengers can access the car for loading and unloading operations only.


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