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Moving walkways and pavements

Normal and compact moving walkways and pavements

Due to the lack of a lower connection with the floor, compact moving l walkways have a shorter length development. They are suitable for commercial buildings where the use of trolleys is necessary. The normal mobile walkways, being equipped with a lower connection with the floor, are suitable for new shopping centres where the goods carried on trolleys are particularly heavy. The moving segments of the walkways are suitably realized to allow the automatic coupling of the trolley wheels in order to avoid their movement.

Moving pavements are available with two widths of the moving segments (m 0.80 – 1.00) and are recommended for buildings such as airports, fairs etc. where people have to move significant distances horizontally. The length of the moving pavement must also be assessed on the basis of the usability of the surrounding areas.


In the “Technical Data Sheets” section, you can download the drawings with the overall dimensions of the standard moving walkways and pavements.


Compact or normal moving walkways are available with three different slopes (10° - 11° - 12°) and with two widths od the moving segments (m 0.80 – 1.00).


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