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Escalators in private and public service

Different types of escalators are used in private and public service.

Escalators in private service

The escalators used in private service are those for commercial and large administrative buildings, fairs, congress centres. They are available with two different angles (30° - 35°) and with three different width of steps (m 0.60 – 0.80 – 1.00): those with a slope of 35° are recommended for buildings were available space is limited and it is therefore necessary to reduce the length of the escalator, while those with a slope of 30° with a longer length, favour the perception of greater safety by the users, given that they slope less. Normally escalators in private service are proposed with a glass safety balustrade.


Escalators in public service

Escalators in public service have a slope of 30° and are those that form part of a public transport system such as those installed at railway stations, underground stations, airports, etc. They are subject to greater constraints than those in private service and, usually are fitted with metal balustrades.


In the Data Sheets section, you can download the drawings with the overall dimensions of the standard escalators.


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