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Lifts for goods and passengers

When the lift must also be used to transport goods, analysis of the needs of the user becomes of fundamental importance.

Plants, within the scope of the European Lifts Directive, suitable to carry goods and passengers.

This is why ELMA offers a vast range of lifts for goods and passengers. Such plants, produced within the scope of the European Lifts Directive, are fitted with car doors and are subject to the constraint of a minimum capacity of around 400/600 kg/m2, since, for this standard, there is no difference between lifts for passengers and lifts for goods and passengers, (which can be reduced, for hydraulic plants only, to around 300 kg/m2 if designed to be used by trained personnel).

ELMA produces plants of all types in terms of dimensions (capacity, car and door size, stroke, speed, etc.), traction method (electric and hydraulic dynamic with single piston or several pistons), and area of utilisation (warehouses, workshops, hospitals, butchers, salami producers, vehicle transport, etc.).


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