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National standard Italian Law 13/1989 - Ministerial Decree of the Ministry of Public Works 236/1989 - Non-residential building
Clarifications Except for public building in Lombardy (if not fitted with another lift in compliance with Regional Law Lombardy 6/1989)
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Capacity 1250 kg
Capacity 16 persons
Size Medium
Kind of shaft Shaft in brickwork
Car accesses Single access
Type of car doors Telescopic
Type of floor landing doors Telescopic
Position of doors Overhanging the shaft
Car width (L) 1250 mm
Car depth (P) 2300 mm
Doors opening (S) 1100 mm
Width of inner shaft (VL) 1800 mm
Depth of inner shaft (VP) 2700 mm
Car height (H) 2130 mm
Shaft (FH)
  • Standard
  • As an exception (installation subject to authorisation)
  • 1300 mm
  • 850 mm
Head (TH)
  • Standard
  • As an exception (installation subject to authorisation)
  • 3400 mm
  • 2500 mm
Width of unloading area 1500 mm
Depth of unloading area 1500 mm
  • Data valid for plants with standard fittings.
  • Speed up to 1.00 m/s.
  • For anti-fire lifts related to Italian Ministerial Decree 15/09/2005 consults ELMA.
  • ELMA reserves the right to change without prior notice the data on this data sheet.
03/20 BC01/      / SA01 / A

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