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Given the different field of use of its goods platform lifts, ELMA proposes a series of accessories that allow the plant to be adapted to specific usage requirements.

There is a wide possibility to equip the goods platform lift with special accessories that allow the plant to be adapted according to specific usage requirements.

Here are a few examples of them: hydraulic control boards with additional motor for micro-levelling, tank floor with edges connected to the side walls, impact-protection bands, side running car doors, folding floor landing doors for goods platform lifts (within the scope of the European Machinery Directive).

Tank floor

Tank floor in ribbed aluminium and floor in diamond stainless steel turned up at the edges and connected to the side walls

Impact-protection band

Bump strips of different types and materials.

Floor landing doors and gates

Guillotine floor landing doors and gates for goods platform lifts (according to the European Machine Directive), lateral sliding cabin gates.

Ventilation grill

Ventilation grill, particularly recommended in the case of car lifts.

Control unit for goods platform lifts

Hydraulic control boards for large capacity goods platforms with additional motor for micro-levelling.


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